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Cast and Cure

Cast and Cure
Cast and Cure
Cast and Cure
Cast and Cure

Breit Technologies LLC is a global supplier of Cast and Cure™ selling all of the specialized equipment and film needed for this process. As a provider of cost effective and environmentally friendly decorative printing processes, it is our goal to provide innovative solutions to our customers that create product differentiation and increased visual impact, all while providing a return on investment unparalleled in today’s decorative printing market.

Cast & Cure™ (C2™)

Cast and Cure™ (C2™) is a decorative coating process that integrates "casting” and "curing” techniques to form a consistent high quality surface that can include ultra high gloss, matte and holographic finishes on a variety of substrates. This effect can be created in both sheet fed and web fed (flexo and gravure) environments. C2™ is an excellent application for the decorative print market and can be incorporated with security and anti-counterfeiting features. Cast & Cure™ is also a sustainable process. By using ultraviolet inks and varnishes there are no undesirable and harmful VOC’s. In addition it can make packages more easily recyclable by eliminating the laminated metalized films used in traditional holographic processes. The most significant benefit is this is all achieved at a fraction of traditional costs.

Cast and Cure

The Cast & Cure™ process is performed by laminating the Casting Film to a wet UV coating or varnish. While these two surfaces are in contact, Ultraviolet (UV) light is passed thru the film to cure the varnish. Then the film is delaminated from the surface and rewound for future use. No material is transferred from the film onto the substrate. Also no varnish is transferred to the film. This allows for multiple ruses of the film. As you can see from the diagram the film is acting as an embossing tool to manipulate the surface of the coating on a submicron scale.


Cast and Cure™ is a fully sustainable process helping printers meet the ever increasing demand for "green” processes. The use of ultraviolet inks and varnishes eliminates the undesirable and harmful VOC’s associated with other processes. C2™ makes packages more easily recyclable by eliminating the laminated metalized films used in traditional holographic board materials. Also the elimination of these materials reduces the overall weight of the package. The Casting film is reusable several times and is fully recyclable therefore reducing the overall cost and Carbon Footprint. Please review a copy of our Packaging Sustainability white paper for additional information.

Cost Effectiveness

Cast & Cure™ is the most cost effective method of reproducing a holographic effect that is available today. The reusability of the Casting films provide exponential cost savings that make the process significantly more attractive when compared to lamination or hot and cold foil stamping. When comparing Cast and Cure™ to the vast variety of decorating techniques available the cost to impact benefit continues to be proven in a variety of market segments.

Processes Integration

In addition to the Cast & Cure process Breit Technologies LLC continues to work on and develop additional processes and applications to provide innovative printing and packaging solutions. Breit, in combination with its business partners, have developed technologies for the heat and shrink sleeve markets and vacuum molded plastics. Breit also continues to work with a growing list of international suppliers to combine the Cast and Cure™ process with metallic inks, iridescent pigments and other unique applications to enhance to shelf appeal of both processes. If you are looking for a unique product to offer your customers or simply a cost savings approach to a current decorative process, please contact us and let us help to develop a beneficial solution.

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